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the world? tax officials from australia, britain, and china analyze complex schemes to reduce company tax burdens. this one leaves from england to australia, taking advantage of tax havens along the way. the authority of tax officials often ends at the border. investigators request information from authorities and other countries, but it is often not enough. >> when you start looking at very complex affairs, then a simple letter is rarely sufficient to fully explore the issues. by working together, we are able to understand the cultural differences that exist between our different countries. >> in britain, u.s. coffeehouse starbucks sparked outrage when it was revealed the company paid very little tax in the u.k. its trick was to pay high licensing fees to reduce its corporate tax rate. activists say starbucks is no exception. >> there's a lot of online-based companies like amazon, google, facebook, that are avoiding tax, which is outrageous. >> apple, for example, has seen overseas earnings surged in recent years, but at the same time, the company has managed to reduce its foreign tax bu
in scotland to the persian gulf, and whose merchants traveled as far afield as india and china-- the culmination and the unifying of the old cultures of the mediterranean world and western europe. from that day to this, rome would be the greatest single influence on the western cultural tradition. indeed, it could be said that rome is that tradition. it's not merely that rome gave the west the latin language, roman law, roman ideas on state craft and on society. it was rome which passed on to the west the artistic, philosophical, and spiritual legacy of ancient greece, which rome had conquered, looted, and then learned from. it was rome which would be the agency of transmission to the west of an obscure, near-eastern religious cult which became the dynamic, motive force in western society and spiritual life-- christianity. but rome also gave the west a practical legacy, a legacy which western people see every day of their lives, from washington square to trafalgar square. and that legacy lies in the realm of architecture, civil engineering, building, town planning. these were t
kerry, who said north korea's behavior was reckless. other issues included china. they pledged to work together on the middle east. we will continue with this later in the show. first, sports. in germany's soccer, the match was a lackluster affair. the host had their best chances in the second half. the frankfurt defender managed to stop two near misses. the goalkeeper also managed a couple of spectacular saves. the dry leaves frankfurt fourth in the standings. this week's soccer action will see a battle for survival between two struggling teams. they're taking on the 16th place team. a single point separates the two sides. both the see the saturday dual as a chance to escape the fate of relegation. drastic times call for drastic measures. the training is being held in secret ahead of the big game. both sides are desperate to win to avoid relegation. >> we are excited about the game. we feel we have caught up to them. we're chasing them from behind. after the 90 minutes, we want to have pulled ahead. >> fought hard to avoid dropping to the second division. the team has lost only one ga
. furniture, curtains, china, linen, other things too. what other things? everything, everything you see is all mine. very well. all these things are yours, but my patent to nobility, my good name, these things at least are still mine. no, not even those. you are not a nobleman. how dare you? if you are to read this letter from the college of heralds, you'll find the family whose name you bear has been extinct for 100 years. i know there have been rumors to that effect. that's true, but i inherited my title from my father. yeah, you're right. it's true i'm not a nobleman. even that is taken from me. i can no longer wear this ring. take it. it belongs to you. good. now let's continue. you're not a colonel either. not a colonel? no, because of your name you were commissioned colonel in the american volunteers, but since the cuban war and the reorganization of the american army, all such commissions have been canceled. is that true? - you'd like to read about it? - no, there is no need. who are you that you claim the right to sit there and strip me like this? you'll, find out. and talking o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4